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metal door repair push bar and door closer services


When you call A To Z Door Repair and Installation Services, there is not a service that we cannot find a solution for. Our emergency door repair and replacement technicians go through extensive training on all things doors to be able to further assist you with any of your door repair concerns. If you need a door repair, a door threshold installed, an access control system replaced, a door frame replaced, etc. we have all the skilled and experienced door experts that can help you with any of these jobs. No job too big or small for so please do not hesitate to call and inquire. We pride ourselves in being a Canadian run company with the goal to providing the best and unmatched service experience, locally within the GTA. We work on both residential and commercial doors as well as any type of door you can imagine. Wooden, steel, automatic, etc. we do it all. We always put our customers needs first and so, when you call A To Z Door Repair and Installation Services, we make sure you receive the most professional service around and are always 100% satisfied after we have completed the job.


Your door frame is there to support your door and the hinges which are attached to the door frame, to emphasize the importance of the frame’s component in guaranteeing a door is smoothly functioning.  Without a door frame or a proper working door frame, your door will become crooked, uneven, and this can be very difficult to open and close. This cannot go without mentioning the essential function of a door frame which is to ensure the perimeter of the door is well sealed so that no draft or debris escapes it that can lead to costly energy bill or even build up of fragments which can lead to some maintenance. These are examples of why you should not overlook a damaged door frame or one that just needs a little attention with a small maintenance repair. The moment you notice that your door frame is broken and may require repair or replacement, call A To Z Door Repair and Installation Services and we will have an emergency door repair and replacement technician dispatched to your location to look at what the problem may be and fix it up so that your door can go back to doing what it does best, swinging open and closed. 

commercial door frame repair services


One leading reason that causes damage to your doors can be the final product from an attempted break in. Whether it was your home or your workplace that got broken into, it is a tough situation to deal with and firstly need to consider the damages on the doors right away. In the interest of resolving the situation with the means to make your property secure again, you will need to repair or replace the door that was broken into, as the first step once you have already contacted and reported the events to authority. A To Z Door Repair and Installation is here for you during these difficult times to offer you door break-in emergency repair services day or night, whenever you need. We know how hectic and stressful your day can get when you see that your property has suffered a break-in and now you must deal with the repercussions. Let A To Z Door Repair and Installation help you out and relieve some of that stress by being the ones you call to further assist you with any repair that had damaged the door or fully replace it if it is unrepairable.


Here at A To Z Door Repair and Installation we do not neglect even the smaller jobs on your doors like fixing up the hinges, adding a door closer, weather stripping the door, and so much more. We provide replacements and repair even for the smallest projects, such as weather proofing by adding a door threshold, door sweep and seal, or even a hinge repair and replacement. These are just as important components that play a large role in ensuring a door withstands daily use and weather wear for years to come. You need your hinges in great condition otherwise your door will not be able to swing open and closed, which is what it is meant to do. It is also very important to weather strip your door and have a door threshold especially during the winter because without them you will have gaps around your door not fully sealing the door’s perimeter which can cause cold or hot drafts coming in as well as dirt and bugs. If you need to repair or replace any of these smaller parts, call at A To Z Door Repair & Installation and we will never let you down.

commercial door installation services


We provide door repair, replacement, and installation services on all commercial and residential doors. Whether you need help with an interior door like your bedroom door or the front entry way door to your shop. A To Z Door Repair & Installation is the place to call. We can understand and agree that both your home and your business are two very important places for you, and you want to make sure both places are secure and always looking its best. One great way to do this is to make sure you have perfectly functioning exterior and interior doors. If you have a broken door not only, does it take away from the aesthetic of your property, but it is also frustrating as it is also dangerous when you need to use the damaged door. Instead of postponing a door repair or an installation leading what started as small problems progress to a more costly issue. Don’t wait any longer and call A To Z Door Repair and Installation so we can get both your commercial and residential doors dealt with right away!


The purpose of an electric strike and access control system is to bring more convenience and safety into your building. With an electric strike, authorized employees can enter by using their card which is a much safer option than a key, because if it is lost, you can simply deprogram that card from being used. With a physical key, you would have to go through the trouble of changing all the locks. With an access control system, you’re able to block off a designated area only for authorized personnel who can enter using a key code, card access, fingerprints, etc. Not only, but also as a safety feature, you can track who and when someone entered the area. As you can tell, these two systems are amazing to have in commercial properties and if you do not already have one or you have one, but it is malfunctioning, call at A To Z Door Repair & Installation and we will be there to repair, replace, or install for you, a brand new system.


If you are ever in a situation where you need a door repair or replacement urgently, A To Z Door Repair and Installation is the place to call. We provide emergency services to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we know how unpredictable an emergency can be. We also are a mobile service, this means, our emergency door repair and replacement technicians are always on the road with work vans that are fully equipped with all materials and tools required for any job. This allows us to get to our customers as quickly as possible from the moment a call is placed and allows for a swift service as we do value your time with us. This way you can get back to your usual routine in no time! Do not panic if you need your door repaired or replaced right away and it is already after usual business hours because you can always depend on our company, A To Z Door Repair and Installation, and we will have an emergency door repair and replacement be on their way to you in no time. We want our customers to be able to rely on us day and night so do not worry about the day or time, just give us a call and we be happy to work with you and find a solution to any of your emergency door repair concerns.


There are so many different types of doors and so many reasons to choosing a certain style of door so that it meets your needs, whether for security or aesthetics. There are many options to consider such as, Aluminum doors, wooden doors, metal and steel doors, patio and sliding doors, automatic doors, and glass doors. Each one of these doors has its own benefits and can make or break the statement you’re trying to make on your home as it’s the first thing visitors will experience when arriving. Automatic doors are great for larger commercial properties with high traffic, wooden door is great for houses since they have great insulation and are customizable to fit your home’s aesthetic, and steel door a good for when you want a much heavier and sturdier door that requires virtually no maintenance, as a couple examples. A To Z Door Repair and Installation, we provide repair and replacement services on every single type of door, and so never hesitate to give us a call if you have questions regarding what door is the perfect fit for you or if you need a repair or replacement on your door.