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Access Control and Electric Strike System for Commercial Doors

Access Control System for a Bank


A key component of an access control system is an electric strike. To install an electric strike on your door in your business is a great way of keeping it secure and making it more convenient for your employees to enter the building. An electric strike allows for you and your employees to enter the building with either a pin code or a key card unlike the usual basic metal key. It also allows for you to open the door for any visitors who do not have a card or the pin by just the push of a button. If your business has an electric strike that starts to malfunction, you will want to call someone right away because it can start locking people out of their work place or not locking at all. A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services specializes in electric strikes and is able to repair any issue that arises with it. You need to continue to keep your business secure so if you start noticing problems with your electric strike door then do not hesitate to give us a call and we will have one of our best and most professional technicians come to repair it quickly.


If you have a business and are looking into ways to make it more secure and convenient for you and your employees, then installing an electric strike on your commercial doors is the way to go. Your employees will not need to carry around physical keys which are dangerous if lost since whoever finds it can get access into the building. However with access control you either have a pin code, which cannot get lost or stolen, or you have key cards. If a key card is lost you can simply quickly remove that key card from the system whereas with a physical key you would have to change the entire lock and get new keys for everybody. So not only is it the best option for safety but also convenience as well. Access control systems are the most convenient method of controlling access to your building for you, your employees and customers, the systems offer the ability to control access without manually locking and unlocking the doors. If this sounds like something you would want and need, all you need to do is call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services and we can install an electric strike on your door whenever you need.

Access Control System Repair Electric Strike


Many businesses have access control systems on specific doors leading to certain rooms because it allows you to provide access to only authorized personnel that you choose. Sometimes you may have rooms that only allow specific workers to enter and an access control system allows you to do that. Even the most sophisticated access control systems can experience maintenance and malfunctions, so it is important to have an expert access control repair company. There is no need to worry if that does happen to you because A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services is available to assist you at any time. We offer access control system repairs for any time your system experiences a malfunction. We want to help you keep your business and your private rooms secure so give us a call if you want the experts to come and inspect or repair any problems your access control system is experiencing.


Having an access control system installed on your doors is a great way to keep private rooms secured from unauthorized people. Whether you work in a hospital or an office building, you could have certain areas you want to make sure are secured and only allow certain people to enter. Installing an access control system allows you to choose which people get access to the area and allow them to enter the area using pin codes, finger prints, face recognition, or smartphones. This ensures the safety and security of the room and area that is restricted. Another benefit of installing an access control system would be that you can get access to review who entered that room at what time and day. This is another way to keep your business safe because you are able to see which personnel used their entry and when for the times where you need to investigate. If you are looking to get an access control system installed in your business, the best place for you to call would be A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services.

Electric strikes and access control systems are very important in your work place, you may need to get one of them installed or repaired as soon as possible. A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services offers 24/7 emergency service for any installations and repairs for your electric strike and access control system on your commercial doors. You can never know when an emergency will happen so it is always best to have us on speed dial so you always have a company to call when you need help. We operate around the clock and have technicians who work 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure that if your business is in need of emergency electric strike or access control system repairs or installations, you can call us. Give us a call when you have an emergency and we will be assist you immediately and have one of our best technicians dispatched to you.