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Door Frame Repair and Installation

Emergency Exit Door Frame Repair


Door frame repair is a very important part involved in keeping your door working properly and being able to provide lasting support for your door. When you hang up your door, your door relies on the framing to hold it up and allow it to properly function so when the frame is damaged your door may become unusable. This is why it is so important to always have a door frame that is in good shape and is able to hold your door. Here at A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services we have expert technicians who are trained and experienced in repairing and installing door frames to all doors. You could have had some damage done to your door which ultimately damaged your door frame or maybe your door frame was very old and you need a new one. Whatever the case may be, you can always call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services and we will be available to repair or install your door frame in your home or business.


Our technicians have the knowledge and the experience to repair and install all types of door frames for every type of door. We have listed above just a few of the doors and door frames we work with most often but we also do so much more so never hesitate to give us a call. Your door frames are very important because not only do they keep your door from falling and allow it to function but they also block gaps that allow hot or cold drafts to get through as they close off the gaps between the wall and the door. There are so many benefits your door frame provides and we named just a few of them. This is why you do not want to leave it unrepaired when it is time to replace or fix your door frame. Delaying a repair on your door frame can make the damages worse which can then effect how your door works. Call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services for help with your door frame repair or replacement.

Glass doors

Hallow metal doors

Wooden doors

Residential doors

Commercial doors

Aluminum frames

And so much more!

Commercial Metal Door Frame Repair


You might find yourself in a situation where your door frame needs to be repaired or you need to get a new one installed in order to be able to securely close your door and you cannot wait to get it fixed and need it as soon as possible. We understand the importance of your doors and frame because if the door frame is broken then the door is not able to function properly and you will not feel safe in your home or place of work without a properly working front door. Luckily for you A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services offer services 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all emergencies you have pertaining to your door frame. It is rare to find a local door repair company that can come and repair or install a new door frame whenever you call, day and night but we promise that you can rely on us to be there for all of your door frame emergencies. We make sure that your emergencies are top priority and we always answer your call quickly and send an emergency technician to assist you. If you are having problems with your door or door frame call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services and we will be available at any time to answer your calls.


Accidents and damage can happen at any time to your door frame either at home or work. You may have experienced a break in which damaged the frame, or your children got into a fight or started playing inside and accidentally broke the frame or your door frame is old and needs to be replaced. It does not matter what caused your door frame to have damages, you just need a repairman to come and fix it for you. Since your door frame is so crucial to have for the function of your door, you want to make sure you get it repaired as quickly as possible so nothing gets worse and your door can continue to work as usual. If you are located in the GTA then calling A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services is the best option for you. Not only are we local to you but we also have the best and most experienced door frame repair technicians in Toronto. Keep your doors working by calling A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services for any and all door or frame repairs.

Commercial Aluminum Double Doors


If you are building a new place or renovating or you just have an old and damaged door frame, then you will need A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services to come and install a brand new door frame for you. When you are renovating or building a new place, you need to think about installing doors as well but with that comes door frames. You cannot forget about installing the door frames before the doors as it is a very important step in making sure your doors open and close properly. At A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services, we have top rated, trained technicians who are all experts in performing perfect door frame installations and replacements. You need a company you can trust and we promise that when you call us for your door frame installation, you will be getting the best and most professional services in the GTA. Our technicians do not leave a job until they make sure the installation is perfect and will cause zero problems so you will always get your money’s worth when you call us.