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Door Installation

Commercial Fire Rated Door Installation


Your home and place of work need to have secure and professional doors which requires expert door installation in Toronto. Whether it be the front and back door, the office doors, or bathroom doors, you need to have all of the doors installed. You cannot finish a home without installing new doors in all of the entrances and you cannot open up our business or commercial building to the public and the employees without properly installed doors in every entrance. A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services provides perfect door installations for all of our customers so when you need to get a door installed, you know who to call. We have expert technicians on the job any time you need us. We make sure to only leave once we know the doors we installed for you are in perfect condition and work without problems. Doors are an important part of every home, office, and building, so you need to be sure that you have a doors installed correctly throughout the interior and exterior. The most important door is a strong and sturdy entrance door as it keeps everyone safe but the other interior doors are just as important to provide privacy and finish up the place. Give us a call for any and all door installations in Toronto.


We make sure to provide door installation services to both our residential and commercial customers. So whether you need to get office doors installed in your business or brand new bedroom door installed in your home, A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services is the place for you to call. We have extensively experienced and trained technicians who are able to work on any type of door so we can always install any type of door you may need. It is advised to get a sturdy steel door as the front door of your home and wooden doors on the inside but for a business depending on what you need, you may need to install aluminum doors for security, glass doors for that modern aesthetic, or even automatic doors for bigger businesses with high traffic areas. No matter what type of door you need for either your residential property or commercial building, A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services can do it all. Give us a call to have any door professionally installed in your home or place of work.

Commercial Metal Door Installation
Storefront Glass Door Installation


A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services offers emergency services 24 hours a day 7 days a week for those moments where you simply cannot wait to get door installed into your place. Our emergency technicians work around the clock bringing you door installation at all times of the day to make sure you are never stranded without a place to call. Entrance doors are very important in keeping your home or business safe, you cannot leave a broken or faulty door overnight which is why you need an emergency door replacement company. When you call us we can promise you that your call will be answered right away and a technician will be on their way to install any door you need as soon as possible. Not many places offer 24/7 services for door installations but at A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services, we want to show you how reliable we are by being available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you with your emergencies. Save our number in case you experience any door emergency and you will always know who to call for your emergency door replacement or installation services.


When building a new home or renovating a business, you need to consider both the interior and exterior doors around the property and having them installed professionally the first time. The exterior doors are clearly the most important as they prevent access to the building and keep you, your family, employees, and customers safe and secure at all times. Interior doors are also important to have installed because you want every restroom, bedroom, and office to be closed off for privacy and to aesthetically match the rest of the interior. Your building is not complete until all of the doors have been installed correctly and A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services is where you should call for professional door installation. Our technicians all specialize in installing any type of door to any entrance in your home or business. The last thing you need is having a technician come out and not properly install your doors leaving you with wasted money and poorly working doors. When you call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services, we promise that you will always be satisfied with the expert and professional door services that we provide you.