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Various Doors We Work With

Commercial Aluminum Double Doors


At A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services we make sure to be able to provide our customers with repair and replacement services of every type of door. We want you to be able to rely on us for any of your door related issues so that when you give us a call we can always repair or replace the type of door you have. Our technicians have all gone through extensive training and have all of the skills and knowledge required to complete every type of door repair and how to care for them. From glass doors to wooden doors and even automatic doors, A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services can do it all so give us a call for any of your door repair and replacement needs.


Aluminum doors are usually used in commercial and industrial areas but many people like to install them in their homes to give their place an industrial modern look. Doors that are made from aluminum are extremely strong and durable which is why many people like to go with them for safety and security reasons. Another advantage with these doors is that they can withstand many different weather conditions which is great for living in Canada. Winter storms, harsh winds, or hot summers, your aluminum doors stay strong through it all. If you are interested in getting an aluminum door installed in your home or business or have your door repaired, A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services can be there to help.

Commercial Double Glass Doors
Wood Door Repair


Wooden doors are the doors you need to get if you want an aesthetic look that matches your space. If you want to be artistic and allow your personality to show from the way you decorate your home or business, then a wooden door is a great option for you because they can be painted with any colour or design. Most doors are very limited in colours but for wooden doors you are able to paint and design it to your liking. As well, wooden doors can be durable and provide much more insulation to the room and keeping the hot or cold drafts from entering. If you want durability and style, give A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services a call and we will be there to install your wooden doors or repair any problems you may have with the ones you presently have.


Usually many people like to use metal or steel doors as their front doors into their home because it is one of the more secure and durable types of door as well as makes your home look good. Steel doors can make your place a much safer space as it is stronger than most doors and is extremely difficult to kick in. It is also very low maintenance for you since it is very durable and resistant against denting, rotting, or damage. You can also customize your steel door to match your homes aesthetic so you can keep your home safe and secure while also making it fit your style. If you have a steel or metal door that needs repairing or you have decided to get one installed in your home or business, then give A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services a call for the best metal door services in Toronto.


The best type of door for your patio and backyard is a sliding door which offers many benefits in your home. Usually these doors are transparent and much larger than regular doors, sometimes taking up a whole wall, which allows natural light to come into your home. A sliding door is also great for more high traffic areas such as your backyard because they have a much larger entrance and they are easy to slide open and keep open if you want fresh air. Along with all of these things, sliding patio doors are also very durable and secure so you know when closed, your home is safe. If you are having issues with your sliding door or want to get a new one installed, call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services.


Usually bigger and higher traffic commercial buildings have automatic doors such as hospitals, grocery stores, and shopping malls and these automatic doors work by sensors. When it senses somebody approaching the door, it will automatically open for them and close behind them making it more efficient for busy areas and as a bonus much more sanitary as you would not need to touch the door to open or close. Automatic doors come in different forms; Rotating, swinging, and sliding. So once you choose the one that is best suited for your building, you can call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services to come and install it for you. You can also reach out to us if the automatic door you have now, is having problems and we can be there to repair it at any time.


Many people like glass doors because they give a more sleek and modern look to your home or business. Most businesses like to have large glass front doors so the public can see inside and advertise their company products but glass doors are versatile and you can still get privacy with glass doors. If you want that modern glass door look but do not want your place exposed to the public, you can get frosted glass doors which still give you the look you were going for as well as the natural light coming through but is now much more private. Because of all of the natural light glass doors allow into your place, they are very cost efficient for your electric bill and they are very safe to use as front doors. These days we make sure to add security film on your glass doors to prevent easy shattering and break-ins. A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services is the place to call if you want to get your glass doors repaired or installed.