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Professional Repair and Replacement Services for Doors

Large Commercial Double Door Repair Service


A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services provides all of our local customers with various types of repair and replacement services for your commercial and residential doors. From installing pivot hinges to repairing a door closer to weather stripping your door, we do it all. Our technicians have all gone through extensive training on every type of door service we offer so they can always provide the best service to our customers, so call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services today. We strive to keep all of our customers 100% satisfied with every door replacement and repair that we provide.


If you have fire doors installed at your business, then you are required to have door closers installed. Fire doors need to be closed properly at all times and having a door closer ensures that whenever the door gets opened it will automatically close each time. The purpose for a door closer is to make sure the door slowly closes when somebody opens it so it does not slam or stay open if it is not closed manually. It is required for fire doors but it is also very beneficial for other doors as well. It makes the use of the door much safer as it will not slam on you or any employee or customer while you walk through it. If you need to get a door closer repaired or installed, you can contact A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services and we will be able to help.

Commercial Door Closer Installation Service


A door threshold is the thicker piece of metal or wood at the bottom of your door. It is important to be there especially for exterior doors as it seals off the gap between the door and the floor which blocks off any hot or cold drafts from entering inside, as well as any debris. There are many different door thresholds available, so to see which one fits your door and your place the best, you can call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services and we will be able to help you pick one that’s best for you. We can also be there to install it for you and be your go to place to call if you need your door threshold repaired.


A door sweep is used to go underneath your door and seal off any gaps you may have between the threshold and the bottom of the door. It is always best to make sure any gaps around your door are sealed off because by blocking off any wind from coming into the inside of your home, you will save a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills and it will keep the temperature inside stable. You can never be to cautious when making sure your door is properly sealed so we always recommend getting a door sweep along with a door threshold to make sure all gaps are covered. If you need to replace or put in a new door sweep or even just have us take a look at the one you have now, just call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services and we will be available to assist you.

Commercial Continuous Hinge Door Repair Service


Door hinges are very important for your door because they are the reason your door is able to hang on the door frame as well as smoothly swing open and closed. Anytime you put in a new door, you always need to make sure you have quality door hinges otherwise the door will not function well. If you see that your hinges are getting loose or they are getting old and rusty and start making it more difficult to swing your door you can call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services. We can assist you quickly to repair your hinges or replace them for brand new ones so your door can go back to functioning smoothly.


Pivot hinges are a great option for bigger and heavier doors. They open the doors using a pivot system which can also allow the door to swing open in both directions, rather than the regular door hinges. The difference with pivot hinges is they are installed at the top and bottom of the door instead of the side like regular hinges. This is another reason why larger, heavier, and high traffic area doors would benefit from pivot hinges because they can carry the weight more easily since it is attached at the top and bottom. There are many other benefits to having a pivot hinge installed on your door both in your business and in your home. If you call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services, we can help you with any pivot hinge repair you need or installing one for your door.


If you want more of the traditional look with your door having it attached to hinges on the side but need ones that will hold up a heavier door, continuous hinges are a great option. A continuous hinge is one long hinge that is the same size of the side of your door. So rather than having 2 or 3 singular hinges you have one going all along the side of your door. This helps keep your hinges and your door in the best condition and it lasts much longer and can support larger and heavier doors. Since the continuous hinge is the same size as the side of your door, it can distribute the weight more evenly making it more sustainable for heavier doors. If you need to get a damage repaired on your continuous hinge or you realized your door could use one and you want one installed, call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services.


Door weather stripping is another great way to seal off gaps between the door and the door frame. It is a plastic or metal band that is attached all around your door frame so that when you close your door it is tightly sealed all around. This can again lower the costs of your cooling and heating bills as well as keep your home temperature more stable. Weather stripping is very important during our cold Canadian winter days and by sealing off the gaps, you stop the cold air from getting through your door and keeping the heat inside. Call A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services if you want to make sure your doors are free of any gaps. We can be there to replace your weather strip if needed, newly weather strip your doors, or fix some damages done to the weather strip you have installed.