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The Latest Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

Christopher Burke

I started to renovate my house and realized that a door I had was not closing properly and scratching up against the door frame leaving marks on it as well as a couple of other door frames looking a little loose. I have lived in this house for a while now and figured it was just getting old. I called up A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services because a buddy of mine recommended them and I could not be happier with their work. They booked me in quickly and the technician was able to look at the frames and he gave me his opinions on what he thought was best. We ended up repairing a couple and fully replacing the door frame on one of them. He did a fantastic job and the frames look great. I would definitely recommend these guys.

Tatiana Bazarova

Unfortunately my home had a break in and they really damaged my door trying to get inside. I just searched up a door repair place that can come right away and A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services was the first to come up so I called them and told them it was an emergency. The technician came in 30 minutes it was amazing. He told me he can repair it but I just wanted it to be fully replaced to feel safer and he was able to do that as well. He worked very quickly and made sure the new door was installed well and assured me it was secure. I will recommend this company to anyone who needs and will for sure call them again if I ever need anything.

Cheryl Wood

I had just purchased a commercial space for my business and saw the doors were not in the best shape. Before opening I want to make sure the whole place is fully ready and secure so I called A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services as I have used them before for my home and had a great experience. The technician came on time and was very professional throughout the whole process. He made sure to repair or replace any part of the door that was giving me problems and had all of my exterior and interior doors were working perfectly. Twice I have called them for services and both times they did a great job and I recommend them for anybody looking into any type of door repair or replacement.

James Canfield

I work in a commercial building where we have a few restricted areas that are access controlled and recently we noticed that one of the doors that had an access control system installed was not working anymore. The employees who had the authorization to enter these areas were not able to as their pins were not working anymore. We needed to get access into this room and have our employees be able to enter it when needed quickly so I called A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services. They have helped us multiple times before and have never disappointed. When the technician came to take a look at it, he was able to repair it on the spot and everybody who was authorized was now able to enter. This company is great. They work fast and they have the knowledge of what they are doing.

Robert Hitchens

My family and I recently moved into a new home and after being there the first night we realized there was outside wind coming in from all around the back door making it much colder in our house. I knew we had to weather strip the door to close up those gaps so I searched up places that do that and saw that A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services was local and had great reviews so I decided to give them a call and book a time for someone to come in. The process was super easy with these guys and they came over on time and finished the job quickly. You can tell they know what they are doing. I had a really good experience using them and our back door is perfectly sealed off and no more drafts are coming in. 10/10 would recommend this company.

Vanessa Shuster

I read about electric strike doors off of A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services website and the sound of my employees being able to come into work easily using a card and me being able to let visitors in by pushing a button from my office sounded amazing. I work in a small office building and have had way too many instances where somebody lost a key and we have to change out all of the locks so I called A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services and asked them about installing an electric strike. The technician came to take a look at the door and went over everything with me and officially booked a day for him to come back and install it. I have had the electric strike installed now for a few months and all I can say is I wish I had done this sooner. It works amazing and the technician was very friendly and professional when getting the job done. I am very happy with the process and the results and I would recommend A To Z Door Repair & Installation Services to anybody who asks.

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